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    Your Super is vital to your lifelong financial plan – get it right at the beginning and you can look forward to your retirement – ignore it and there will be storms ahead. Good financial planning is essential throughout your life so get the right advice and take control.

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Superannuation … you’re right, it's just not that exciting. However if you think a secure and comfortable future for yourself could be a little bit exciting then pay attention now and your Super will take care of you down the track.
Ready? – Let’s go.

Throughout your working life the Government Superannuation Guarantee means that 9.25% of your income is put into a Super fund - it’s the law. Your chosen superfund invests this and when you retire there’s a tidy bundle for you to live off. Easy really – in fact it’s downright super!
But wait there’s more.

You can throw in extra money to help the fund along and if you do you’ll get great tax concessions. The government may even get on board and match the extra you put in through a co-contribution scheme.
Even more super!
So this seems a no brainer – right?

Actually, no – you're going to have to pay attention on this one. Sorry, but we’re talking about your future here.
The first thing is to work how much money you’ll need when you retire – find this out and you can calculate whether your current circumstances will get you there.

Along with that you also need to have a chat to your Super fund manager.
Super funds have different ways of investing your money. More risk/higher return, less risk/lower but safer return - if you don’t specify where you want to be invested, then they’ll throw your super in the ‘default investment option’ – and we all know that’s not very savy. Are you ‘default’? No, we didn’t think so.

The important part for you to know is that if you’re not making the decisions about this - then they're making decisions for you. Chances are they're not making the right kind of choices - after all what do they know about your needs, your aspirations. So take control and let them know what you need to get where you want to go.

Your Superannuation is vital to your lifelong financial plan – get it right at the beginning and you can look forward to your retirement – ignore it and there’s storms ahead. Good financial planning is vital throughout your life – get advice and take control.
For the low down on how to get the most of your Superannuation, get Financial Advice, right here.

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